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European 2* Champs' gold medallist Franky Reid-Warrilow trains 6 year old Popeye on the flat and does gymnastic jumping with her 3* horse. Fellow eventer Jeanette Brakewell trains amateur student Tess over a course of jumps and Junior team bronze medallist Sam Ecroyd teaches top horse Woody patience. Plus Para dressage with Ricky Balshaw and pony dressage.

HORSE HERO UPDATE - 4th October 2015

4* eventer Louise Harwood with Horse Hero founder Fiona Price and Witson, during filming!Latest Blogs. Polly Williamson builds trust, Erin Williams returns to core principles, Jane Naughton gets the best out of her horse, there are no quick fixes for Alex Brown and Karen Morris is National Champion. Lynne Crowden explains a vicious circle, Sam Ecroyd is on a roller-coaster, onwards and upwards for Olivia Wilmot and Sam Brown sticks with it. Sharon Edwards has a technical hitch and Sarah Isaacs is in horse nirvana!

Editorial. In our latest Guest Feature, Canadian dressage rider Leueen Willoughby reports on the debacles and delights of the 2015 Pan Am Games. Plus straight-talking answers to forum questions on napping and training issues such as opening the mouth, improving responsiveness and softening the contact from our own Horse Hero Guru, and a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Filming. We recently filmed 4* eventer Louise Harwood training Witson (top British horse on points in 2014) and a couple of very 'green' youngsters. Diminutive Louise, who is known for riding big horses has had a successful few years, especially after having had pins removed from her legs after a near fatal car crash.

Previously, we filmed 24 year old Ryan Todd, who is contesting his first year at senior level after a successful time on the international Young Rider circuit. Next up is filming with up and coming young eventer Yasmin Ingham for some cross country training.

Next video: Franky Reid-Warillow, 2015 gold medallist at the 2* European Championships, trains youngster Captain on skinnies.

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