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Classical dressage trainer David Pincus trains yard rider Elie on a Sheepcote homebred youngster, BHS Fellow Tim Downes brushes up an amateur eventer's dressage and talented junior show jumper Emily Ward is trained by her father Nick on an exceptional pony that's moving up to contest horse classes. Plus dressage trainer Kate Cowell teaches Rocky tempi changes.

HORSE HERO UPDATE - 7th July 2015

Karen Morris on unbeatable form!Latest Blogs. Maria Wynne has puppy stress, Natasha Adkinson is thrilled, Karen Morris is on a roll, Sophie Jenman scores a win, Polly Williamson boosts confidence, Alex Franklin sets off for the World Champs' and Jo Eccles has a ball. Natalie Allen gets fit, Shiwon Green gets exactly what she needs, Sam Brown has a new venture and Alex Brown gets cracking. Sarah Isaacs has a shock, Jessica Gale is on stand-by and Olivia Wilmot does the 'walk of shame'.

Video Diary. Behaviourist Tessa Horan shows a typical schooling session with 7 yr old PRE gelding Terry who returns to work after two years off. The focus is on rhythm and teaching him to respond to lighter aids (free to watch).

Editorial. Interesting and unusual Guest Features plus straight-talking answers to forum questions from our own Horse Hero Guru and a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Franky and part American 'Paint' horse Popeye during filming!Filming. We just recently filmed with up and coming young eventer Franky Reid-Warrilow, who is making her mark at 3* level and has been selected to represent GB at the European 2* Championships. Franky rode three horses including the striking 5 yr old part American ‘Paint’ horse Popeye, her top horse Whisper (who has just had an embryo transfer foal) and 6 year old Captain.

Previously, we filmed with Kate Cowell where we made a follow-up video of ‘delicious Delilah' (first video recently published). Kate also rode a green youngster and taught amateur Lesley with ‘dangerous Dave’ - brave girl!

Next video: GB Paralympic silver medallist Ricky Balshaw has a lesson with trainer Anna Brown, on Anna’s top horse Damascus.

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