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Leading dressage trainer Pammy Hutton helps daughter-in-law Abbi take on the challenge of tempi changes, while father and daughter team David and Lucy Pincus work on horse and rider 'talking the same language'. Horse Hero's Fiona Price finds out how her endurance horse Taz is getting on with his leading edge therapy and Dan Greenwood works with student Rebecca on establishing the right canter for pirouettes.


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Annie Joppe at squad assessmentLatest Blogs. Melissa Beer has an interesting time, the journey continues for Erin Williams, Georgie Somerset learns a lot, Sam Ecroyd has the journey from hell, Maria Wynne sees the funniest thing, Sarah Isaacs is OCD and Annie Joppe enjoys blissful training. Shiwon Green looks forward, Sam Brown is happy, Alex Brown leaves no stone unturned, Jo Eccles bows out on a high and Karen Morris has a disaster.

Filming. We recently filmed Team GB eventing stalwart and multi-medallist Jeanette Brakewell, working youngsters through a variety of jumping exercises and teaching a lesson to a 'grass roots' rider. Previously, we filmed Grand Prix dressage rider Louise Davison working with renowned German trainer Conrad Schumacher. Jeanette Brakewell during filmingLouise and Conrad focused on improving the quality of the canter, teaching changes to a youngster and progressing the lateral work.

Editorial. In our current Guest Feature, NZ dressage rider Shiwon Green asks spectators to think before they post photos and video clips on the internet from the warm-up at competitions, a highly contentious issue. You can also read a selection of straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru and a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Next video: Dressage training with up and coming rider Kate Cowell, Young Rider team medallist and No 1 Small Tour rider.

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