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A mix of trainers we have worked with before and some new. Dan Greenwood uses transitions with 6 yr old Flor to improve her balance, Sandy Phillips trains blind rider Verity Smith on Prix St Georges movements, David Pincus trains Olivia and Allegra on early Grand Prix work and Leonie Smith teaches Bobby the cob to carry himself and develop his paces.

HORSE HERO UPDATE -31st May 2016

Blogger Sharon Edwards and CarenzoLatest Blogs. Training pays off for Jessica Gale, Erin Williams has unexpected success, Jackie Bennett overcomes setbacks, Sharon Edwards plans to perfection, Karen Morris is gutted and Natalie Allen never stops learning. Sam Brown has an audience with Helen Langehanenberg, Melissa Beer grapples with work-life balance, Olivia Wilmot survives Badminton and where there's a will there's a way for Jane Naughton

Editorial. Straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru including problems with biting and bucking, an ex-racer and learning piaffe without an instructor. Plus a selection of last month's blogs, if you haven't caught up with all our bloggers recently.

Video Library. We have made such a lot of fabulous videos of youngsters being started in a variety of ways, in the last few years, that we have decided to create a special category for them in the Video Filming with Peggy Cummings and the Lusitano stallion UniformeLibrary for easy reference. Go to the Video Library (top site navigation) and click Training for all Disciplines where you will find the new Starting Youngsters category.

Special Offers. We are currently running two special offers on Horse Hero subscriptions. Until 31st May, new subscribers can either opt for a 7 day free trial or 25% off the annual and six-monthly subscription.

Filming. We recently filmed with Peggy Cummings who teaches freedom of movement of horse and rider. Peggy worked with dressage rider Sue Roberts and her Lusitano stallion, as well as a Liz Bowen improving the gait of her native pony and Katharine Harbard who was rehabilitating her warmblood in-hand. Previously, we filmed dressage rider and trainer Leonie Smith working with natives including a Freisian and a cob.

Next video. Dressage trainer and rider Leonie Smith prepares 11 year old Friesian horse Bert for Advanced work.

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