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Eventer Ginnie Turnball gives Dash his first experience show jumping while Alex Postolwsky takes Mary-Ellen cross country jumping for the first time. Shiwon Green shows early dressage work with stallion Frankie and rehab' work after injury with Des. Diane Thurman-Baker works young Zazu in hand, Julie Legg trains daughter Beanie on tricky Vinny and Jenny Rolf explains the importance of correct communication.

Horse Hero Update - 18th September 2014

Jo Eccles wins her second WEG title!Latest Blogs. Jo Eccles wins her second WEG title, Sue Lee is beyond proud, Lynne Crowden stays sanguine, Maria Wynne is exasperated and Sarah Isaacs is a Burghley nerd. Alex Franklin has a disappointing Europeans, Erin Williams gets the right balance, Annie Joppe does battle at WEG, Shiwon Green puts her thinking-cap on, Polly Williamson takes a fresh approach and Jessica Gale thinks ahead. Sam Brown has a good day at the 'office', Nikki Crisp makes plans, Annie Perry has a set-back and Georgie Somerset comes back down to earth!

Editorial. In our latest Guest Feature, Classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe explains her system of communication in training horses, which may seem unusual to us but is perfectly natural to the horse! Horse Hero Guru's straight-talking answers to forum questions, include training the correct canter lead, riding a horse with cataracts, preventing overreaches, leg-yield problems and extended trot. You can also read a selection of blogs in Editorial if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Filming. We recently filmed Ginnie Turnbull and Alex Postolowsky in the Young Event Horse final at Burghley Horse Trials with horses we had previously filmed during training at home. It was a fascinating Alex Postolowsky filmed in the Burghely Young Event Horse Finalcompetition with a dressage test following immediately by a show jumping round, some cross country jumps and then a trot-up, all in all, quite a challenge for young horses in such an electric atmosphere. Alex took second in the 5 year old final on the stunning All or Nothing. We also filmed some interviews with competitors in the 4*.

Previously, we filmed American ‘positive reinforcement’ expert Shawna Karrasch using clicker training to help a horse with a clipping phobia and also improve a four year old’s jumping technique.

Next video. Alex Postolowsky contests the 4 year old Burghley Young Event Horse final with Gospel.

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