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Italian team eventer Alberto Guigni teaches intermediate rider Tini, American eventer Tiana Coudray trains ex-racehorse Rascal across country and GB Junior trainer Caroline Moore teaches Heidi arena-based cross country jumping. Shawna Karrasch uses clicker training to solve a clipping phobia and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe rides using breath energy.

Horse Hero Update - 26th November 2014

Lynne Crowden's pony stallion WalesLatest Blogs. Sue Lee is on the right track, Lynne Crowden adds more grey hairs, Alex Brown adopts a 'silent weaning' approach, Olivia Wilmot is still improving, Jessica Gale has a surprise, Erin Williams takes a tumble and Maria Wynne out-smarts the boys. Annie Joppe enters another world, Nikki Crisp gets just what the doctor ordered, it's full steam ahead for Shiwon Green and new blogger Sam Ecroyd places a wager.

New biography. GB pony eventing medallist Sam Ecroyd is now contesting senior competition and is a World Class Squad prospect. Sam is a hugely talented and highly rated rider who we can expect to see at the top in the future!

Editorial. In the first of a new series of guest features on nutrition, Julia Scott Douglas, adviser to World Class Squad and the British Racing School describes the perfect diet for riders! There is a selection of straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru which includes the pros and cons of using boots for jumping and turnout, treating thrush in hooves and getting a horse to work 'round and low'. You can also read a selection of blogs in Editorial if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Filming with behaviourist trainer Will HuntFilming. We recently filmed horse behaviourist Will Hunt starting a three year old, working with a horse that bucked and one who couldn't stand still. Horse Hero Founder Fiona Price is also filming more with her own horse Taz, who is on the World Class Squad for endurance. Having progressed beyond recognition over the last few years, there are still a minor niggles which are preventing him from moving up to the top level. So Fiona has taken him for a leading edge therapy at Samsara Equitation and will be tracking his progress.

Over the next few weeks, we are also returning to film with Pammy Hutton, Dan Greenwood, Natalie Allen and Alberto Giugni.

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