How to stop shoulder rubs

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18 Jan 2016 10:38
Hi all,

My horse a really bad shoulder rubs any tips on how to prevent this? he is already wearing a snuggy hood however it has not helped.
18 Jan 2016 20:22
Hi KellyG

Shoulder rubs look horrible and I am sure they don’t feel good for your horse.

The first thing to do to prevent rubs is to make sure that your rugs fit well and are properly adjusted to minimise movement of the rug on the shoulders. The rugs must be kept really clean – nothing rubs worse that a dirty rug - but be careful what you use to wash them - some horses react to biological washing products.

That said there are some horses (especially greys) that are still prone t o developing those tell tale dark patches on their shoulders. I find the best solution is to head to the nearest charity shop and buy a couple of headscarves – preferably silk, but slippery satin works well. Now take your needle and thread and line the shoulders of your rugs with the scarves – fortunately they will be inside the rug, so your sewing skills will not be on display.

Enjoy your needlecraft!
01 Aug 2016 10:46
Hi, try Herbb "Body Hugger" horse rugs, they've prevented rug rubs on my horse and they are made of natural fibres so really comfortable too.
06 Aug 2016 00:23
What a brilliant idea to use silk scarfs! I might try this myself.


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