Hannah Biggs teaches Beans canter changes

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Beans is an 11 year old home bred who is moving up to Grand Prix shortly. Though he is progressed in his canter changes, Hannah shows her method of teaching flying changes right from the start and then demonstrates her system for developing tempi changes. Straightness is an prerequisite, as is being soft and on the aids. So half halts and simple changes are part of her warm-up. Hannah uses anticipation to teach a single change which is as useful for jumping as it is for dressage. She then shows how to build up sequence changes which take time and require a logical progression to become truly established.


dutchbaby 19 Sep 2009 Great video, I hope to start flying changes next year and this was very informative!!
eventlover 19 Sep 2009 Thanks a million Hannah. this was so beautifully ridden and so informative. Best of luck with Beans, you make a great combination and I look forward to seeing more of your videos.
deb3514 19 Sep 2009 Great vid - I love that horse! I see people are asking about the surface, I am guessing it is rubber. But you can't just use any old rubber as it can contain metal. Best to buy it from places that specialise in arena surfaces. My old livery yard had a similar surface and it is LOVELY to ride on!
katy 18 Sep 2009 Can you teach my 'geldercamel' how to do changes please!
RT 18 Sep 2009 I wonder if the arena is recycled tyres. Hannah can you confirm what you use? You are a great favorite of mine. Wish I lived close enough to be your student!

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