Hannah Biggs teaches Beans canter changes

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Beans is an 11 year old home bred who is moving up to Grand Prix shortly. Though he is progressed in his canter changes, Hannah shows her method of teaching flying changes right from the start and then demonstrates her system for developing tempi changes. Straightness is an prerequisite, as is being soft and on the aids. So half halts and simple changes are part of her warm-up. Hannah uses anticipation to teach a single change which is as useful for jumping as it is for dressage. She then shows how to build up sequence changes which take time and require a logical progression to become truly established.


roxy 3 Mar 2017 All I can say is I love this video and will watch it over and over again! Thank you!
Willow 30 Sep 2009 Thanks Hannah. We are now getting them consistently clean and thru' to both sides from both of your exercises! Thank you for taking the time to share.
Hannah Biggs 30 Sep 2009 Whatever works for your horse Willow! Our horses are generally better one way and crooked to the other, so one specific exercise might work best on his crooked side and vice versa! Good luck!
Willow 23 Sep 2009 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have been struggling to teach the changes to my husband's horse and your exercises solved it in two days! Strangely he understands right to left from one exercise and does left to right from the other exercise! Is that normal? My other horses picked them up quite easy but he has been finding it a bit difficult. Thank you again for sharing........
Hannah Biggs 19 Sep 2009 Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! The surface in my arena was sand and small chunks of rubber originally. I then added long strips of rubber, which lasted about a year but it started getting deep again. So have since added a carpet fibre type additive which has really helped to bond the sand, rubber and fibres together and gives a much firmer surface to ride on. I hope that answers your questions!

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