Suzie Peacock works on biomechanics with Sally Goodwin-Davies: Part 1

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US Grand Prix dressage rider and biomechanics trainer Suzie Peacock helps Sally Goodwin-Davies improve her position on the Advanced horse Jeremy. Suzie tells Sally (who suffers knee and hip problems) that her left side is 'bossy' and pulls her off centre. Suzie says 'tractioning' the spine creates proper alignment and space between the vertebrae, which gives more mobility. "Our job is to make it easiest for the horse to do what we want him to do" and we need to be more body aware to achieve this. Suzie explains the correct motion of the pelvis to mirror the horse's movement, and bring horse and rider into harmony!


marydoll 15 Feb 2017 Fantastic video, lots of super information and invaluable tips.
devond 22 May 2011 Yes, more please. I LOVE these videos, Suzie is fantastic!!!!!!!!! My horse thanks you!!!
claregalli 1 May 2011 Absolutely brilliant! I now understand what I need to work on to enable me to flow better with the horse! Thank you so much!
JBJD 24 Apr 2011 Absolutely fantastic, more please!
elaine elliott 20 Apr 2011 More more more .... thanks Suzie xx

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