Lungeing a young horse, with Laura Bechtolsheimer

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Laura lunges her new 4 year old, Stepdance (known as Step), in preparation for riding him. She explains why she does this and shows the Bechtolsheimer's preferred equipment for lungeing, which is both simple and unusual! Laura talks about how she uses body language, why moving around the arena with the horse is important and how being on the lunge has helped Step go from 'trotting for a 10' (he was trained to do this for the sales in Germany, where they recently bought him) to being able to just chill!


HorseyMAD 5 Feb 2010 Hey Laura, great video I was just wondering how long would you lunge for before you ride as have just got a youngster and didn't want to tire her out to quickly. Thanks.
Deirdre 4 Jan 2010 I thought I had fallen for my new horse - but this girl is so in love... don't blame her, he's a dreamboat. Thanks
Alirules 28 Dec 2009 Thank you for a very informative video. Step is handsome! You make the instructions very user friendly.
mariamarquise 19 Oct 2009 I have made my own and a couple of them for friends. An aerborn lunge line, an extra clip and electric fencing adjustment brackets. Costs about £15 to make. Though I bought the one which I used from the German website - Shockemoller.
Alz 30 Sep 2009 Hi! For anyone who's after the Kavalkade HO Lunging Aid, you can get them from Sydney Free Saddlers in Cirencester (01285 655384). They don't currently have a website so you can't order online, but they will mail them out to you. I've got one and they're fantastic - I can't believe the difference it has made to my horses' way of going.

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