Lungeing a young horse, with Laura Bechtolsheimer

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Laura lunges her new 4 year old, Stepdance (known as Step), in preparation for riding him. She explains why she does this and shows the Bechtolsheimer's preferred equipment for lungeing, which is both simple and unusual! Laura talks about how she uses body language, why moving around the arena with the horse is important and how being on the lunge has helped Step go from 'trotting for a 10' (he was trained to do this for the sales in Germany, where they recently bought him) to being able to just chill!


KatieRoo 16 Apr 2009 Okay, thanks.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 15 Apr 2009 Katie, this question has already been answered (either here - scroll through the pages) or in Laura Forum thread.
KatieRoo 15 Apr 2009 Laura- I've got a question for you... Do you ever canter your horses on the lunge? Thanks.
KatieRoo 15 Apr 2009 That contraption is a really good idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!
ktp 12 Apr 2009 I just want to thank Laura for taking the time to do this video how wonderful is that contraption! I'm off now to rig up something similar looks superb especially as I have a youngster! Thanks!

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