Lungeing a young horse, with Laura Bechtolsheimer

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Laura lunges her new 4 year old, Stepdance (known as Step), in preparation for riding him. She explains why she does this and shows the Bechtolsheimer's preferred equipment for lungeing, which is both simple and unusual! Laura talks about how she uses body language, why moving around the arena with the horse is important and how being on the lunge has helped Step go from 'trotting for a 10' (he was trained to do this for the sales in Germany, where they recently bought him) to being able to just chill!


Laura Bechtolsheimer 9 Apr 2009 Hi Kayla, the aid is not made out of bungy material, just a rope with two clips to attach to the bit or cavasson. I do not use side reins because I am not keen on anything fixed to the horse's mouth so can't say much about the balancing ones as I have no experience of this. The aid I use is good because it leaves the horse its freedom. (Of course it must not be put on too tight, (so the horse is not infront of the the vertical,) or so loose that the rope slips too far down the horse's back. I hope this has helped.
ASB Eventer 8 Apr 2009 Laura - I'm "Kayla" from the post you recently responded to. I just wanted to say thank you for the quick and informative reply! I do think I'm going to try to rig something up on my own here in in Altanta - one more question though. It's not comprised of bungee type material, correct? Also, I'm very wary about using any lunging aids and liked your system because it seemed simple, error free, and self-teaching. Do you have an opinion on the action of balancing side reins? Do you believe they would interfere with correct long and low movement? I'd like to thank you again as well as the HH folks for posting this video. Lunging is truly an art and a skill often overlooked. I really appreciate that such an informative piece is available to the public. Keep up the good work!!
Laura Bechtolsheimer 6 Apr 2009 The bit on the horse's back is just extra rope for length adjustment. The buckle sits on a little plastic/rubbery triangle so that the end slips easily over the back according to how high or low, long or short the horse is carrying its neck, ie the horse has freedom to move its neck but is encouraged to go in a long and low outline.
Kayla 6 Apr 2009 Thanks for this video - I'm really interested in this lunging aid! I have a few questions though, specifically because I live in the US and am not enthusiastic about spending the $100 to receive the product on this side of the pond! I have seen some similar devices used in my area, but not up close. In the video (and on the website advertising the product) it's hard to view the actual aid. Is there more to the it's construction other than the clips to the bit and the string/leather? It looks like something is laying across the spine of the horse.. is this just the buckles for size adjustment or something that actually adds to the way the product works? Thanks very much for any help!
Claireness 15 Feb 2009 I love this horse, he is such a great one - if only I could have a horse like him!

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