Lungeing a young horse, with Laura Bechtolsheimer

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Laura lunges her new 4 year old, Stepdance (known as Step), in preparation for riding him. She explains why she does this and shows the Bechtolsheimer's preferred equipment for lungeing, which is both simple and unusual! Laura talks about how she uses body language, why moving around the arena with the horse is important and how being on the lunge has helped Step go from 'trotting for a 10' (he was trained to do this for the sales in Germany, where they recently bought him) to being able to just chill!


Laura Bechtolsheimer 11 Feb 2009 I am not familiar with the Pessoa device, I just looked it up on the net and saw some pictures, can't figure it out completely from pics but I would say it looks a shed load more complicated! There are ropes going in all direction and even round the horses bum, the effect it seems to be having looks good but what I love about what we use is its simplicity and the fact that it does not have a "draw rein effect", it clips directly to mouth/cavasson, it doesn't double back like a pully system. Its a freer aid.
Pandora 10 Feb 2009 How does this device differ to the Pessoa?
Laura Bechtolsheimer 23 Jan 2009 Hey, yes its fine to canter in the lunging aid and I use the side ring to create less pressure on the most sensitive part of the nose and also am less likely to pull the whole contraption round to the side if I hook into the side rather than the front.
Nemesis 22 Jan 2009 I have a couple of it ok to canter in this lunging aid and also I note that Laura lunges from the side rings rather than having a central one. Presumably this is a better way to go even though most of us were taught originally to use the central ring. What are the benefits of using the side rings instead? Thanks.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 10 Jan 2009 Look on P1 of these comments and you will see where you can get the lungeing aid.

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