Lungeing a young horse, with Laura Bechtolsheimer

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Laura lunges her new 4 year old, Stepdance (known as Step), in preparation for riding him. She explains why she does this and shows the Bechtolsheimer's preferred equipment for lungeing, which is both simple and unusual! Laura talks about how she uses body language, why moving around the arena with the horse is important and how being on the lunge has helped Step go from 'trotting for a 10' (he was trained to do this for the sales in Germany, where they recently bought him) to being able to just chill!


Conspicuous 10 Jan 2009 Well, I am very jealous of her new baby! But watch out, I've got a new baby of my own (rising two stud colt - hopefully not a stud for too much longer!), also my dad just bought two gorgeous weanlings. So, I guess I'll be doing quite a lot of lungeing in the next few years! I'm not sure if Laura checks these comments, but I was wondering if she (or someone) could tell me who makes that contraption that goes over the back and clips onto the bit? I would like to see if there is any way of getting my hands on something like that here in Canada?
EllenL62 3 Jan 2009 Fantastic video of lunging. I'm just off to buy myself a 'Kavalkade HO lunging aid' now, so thank you very much for posting where you can get them as I have been wondering for a while! They seem a truly fantastic piece of equipment. But where can you can get a cavesson like this? It looks very good as it has a nice thick nose band and bit attachment with only two large rings instead of three smaller ones.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 29 Dec 2008 Having seen them at work on many occassions now, both Laura and Dr B have an exceptional way of handling and producing horses. Laura's results at such a young age say it all!
jules 28 Dec 2008 She is so very good with her horses isn't she?!
Lois 25 Nov 2008 Mum and I aren't too keen on lunging horses for various reasons but this looks an effective way of doing it. Thank you Laura and the horse is gorgeous!

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