Having Trouble Viewing?

I can’t watch any videos

If you are watching on a computer you probably don’t have the correct version of Flash Player installed. You need Flash Player 9 or above to watch the videos. You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player by clicking here. Please also be aware, for quality viewing, we recommend a minimum of a 1mb broadband connection.

Can I watch Horse Hero videos on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes you can! The site and all videos are compatible with mobile devices including Apple and Android.

I get an error message when I try to play the videos

If you see the following message when you click to play a video: "error: video not found" appearing on the time line below the video, then you may have some sort of parental control software (ie. internet security programme) operating on your computer, which is blocking Flash Player. Please refer to your Internet Security Software for instructions on how to un-block Flash Player.

The videos keep stopping

1. Videos on Horse Hero are streamed (which has the advantage of allowing you to move around the video while you are watching). When watching on a computer the default player is set to 'low-def'. 'Hi-def' requires a faster internet connection to watch, so if your connection is slow then ensure you are watching the 'low-def' video. If the problem continues, click on the 'non-streaming' player (also under the player) to use the download player instead. Click the arrow to play the video, then pause it and allow the pink line to fully travel the width of the player; click to 'play' again and you should be able to watch the video uninterrupted. It could take 10 or 20 minutes or longer for the pink line to get to the end, so be patient! Go away and do something else and then come back and watch the video!

2. However, you might want to check your broadband speed, in any event. You can check your speed on the ThinkBroadband website. Copy and paste or click the following link: http://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest.html then press 'Start'. You will be given an up and a down speed; you will also need to click if you live in or outside the UK. If your speed down is over 1000 it should be adequate to watch videos on the streaming player and your speed up should be around 350. Speed will vary a bit depending on the time of the day you are using the internet and how many people are on line. If you find your speed is inadequate, you should contact your broadband provider and ask them to check your connection (or discuss upgrading it). To watch the videos

3. To check your expected line speed versus your actual line speed, you can use http://www.samknows.com. By entering your telephone number and postal code, the website will check your line quality and give you an assessment of the speed your line should be able to deliver. Again, if the estimated figure is drastically different from the actual speed, you should contact your broadband provider. Remember that broadband speeds quoted by providers are ‘up to’ figures only.

Note: If you are viewing a long way from the UK, eg. Australia, New Zealand, even though you have fast local connection, it doesn't mean you will be able to view Horse Hero videos smoothly. You might need to use the alternative player. Horse Hero currently only has servers in the UK, whereas some bigger sites might have servers locally in each country.

I can’t hear any sound

Firstly, ensure that the volume on your computer is turned up (click on the volume icon at the bottom right of your computer screen and slide the indicator to maximum). Secondly, ensure your computer speakers are turned up. (Check that you can hear a CD or MP3 to ensure that your machine is making sound.) Thirdly, ensure that the "volume control" (slider) at the bottom left of the video player, next to the time display is turned up.

Can I watch in high definition?

Yes, you can now watch our videos in high definition, provided you have sufficient bandwidth and are watching on a computer. This makes a big difference if you enlarge the video to full screen to view it. Videos are automatically shown in low definition (the standard resolution that suits most people, including those on poor connections). To watch in 'hi-def', click the button under the player. High definition is only available on videos published from 14th February 2013. Hight definition is not available on mobile devices.

For more help on viewing and a whole range of other issues, click 'Questions' (there is also a link at the bottom of the page).


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