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David Pincus works with Olivia Towers on flying changes on a serpentine in one video and developing more flexion in another. Levi Hunt gives a 3 yr old his first ride outdoors, body-work coach Peggy Cummings helps Suezi achieve more harmony with her Lusitano stallion and Jon Rogers trains Mandy and her ex-racer.

HORSE HERO UPDATE 25th September 2016

Jackie Bennett goes to the Trec World Champs' in SpainLatest Blogs. Annie Joppie clocks up another good result, Jackie Bennett has an unforgettable experience, plenty of drama for Karen Morris, an epic moment for Sam Brown and ups and downs for Polly Williamson.

Sarah Isaacs enjoys a rite of passage, perseverance pays off for Sharon Edwards and Olivia Haddow has an unexpected hazard!

Editorial. A huge variety of Guest Features will amuse, inform and educate. Plus straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru and a selection of last month's blogs, if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Blogger Sam Brown has an epic moment!Filming. We recently had a return trip to Jon Rogers, this time to film cross country schooling. Three amateur horses worked on issues including accuracy and confidence.

Previously, we filmed biomechanics trainer Denise O'Reilly working with pupils on straightness and the contact and how the rider's posture influences both.

Next video. Levi Hunt works with Elementary rider Sophie and her mare Garde, who is recovering from injury.

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