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22 Apr 2017 March '17 Highlights
Posture coach Peggy Cummings works with riding school cob mare Molly who is anxious. In ground-work and ridden work sessions, Peggy teaches her the correct weight bearing posture to carry a rider. Jumping trainer Jon Rogers works with Sarah to build young Finn's confidence cross country and 4* eventer Willa Newton focuses on suppleness with older eventer Chip.
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13 Feb 2017 January '17 Highlights
Jumping trainer Jon Rodgers works with Sarah to improve young Finn's jumping technique, while Charlotte learns to sit and wait coming into her cross country fences with school mistress Poppy. Eventer Willa Newton works the young stallion Cracker over poles to improve the swing in his body and Denise O'Reilly teaches biomechanics to improve horse and rider posture.
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9 Jan 2017 December '16 Highlights
Trainer Alec Trickett helps Grass Roots eventer Clare and Elvis to be less busy with their jumping and 4* eventer Willa Newton trains young stallion Cracker to be more athletic. American posture coach Peggy Cummings works with Liz and pony Dollar to create more relaxation and dressage trainer Levi Hunt teaches Tom the zig-zag.
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19 Dec 2016 November '16 Highlights
BD Young Professionals award winner Levi Hunt trains Sarah and Elise on the improving the quality of their work, dressage trainer Dan Greenwood tests Larry understands the aids for lateral work and trainer Ruth Edge helps pony eventer Oliver to improve the contact with young Poppy. Plus Jon Rodgers prepares show jumper Andrea to move up a level. (Video excerpts.)
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22 Nov 2016 October '16 Highlights
Top dressage and event rider and trainer Ruth Edge teaches partially sighted Para rider Verity at Elementary level and Dan Greenwood trains Larry on Advanced work. Posture trainer Peggy Cummings does groundwork with Conquer and biomechanics trainer Denise O'Reilly helps Mike with straightness. Plus Jon Rogers trains eventer Sarah with Hugo across country.
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11 Oct 2016 September '16 Highlights
Jumping training with Jon Rogers and Alex Trickett for amateur eventers, improving the connection in dressage with Ruth Edge, a lesson for a mare returning to work after injury with Levi Hunt and biomechanics coach Denise O'Reilly uses the 'double yellow' lines exercise to improve a youngster's straightness.
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6 Sep 2016 August '16 Highlights
David Pincus works with Olivia Towers and Wilfred on flying changes on a serpentine in one video and developing more flexion in another. Levi Hunt gives a 3 yr old his first ride outdoors, body-work coach Peggy Cummings helps Suezi achieve more harmony with her Lusitano stallion and Jon Rogers trains Mandy and her ex-racer.
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3 Aug 2016 July '16 Highlights
A wide variety of subjects including jumping, dressage and rider posture. Peggy Cummings trains Suezi and her Lusitano stallion to work more harmoniously together, Leonie Smith helps Para rider Ashleigh Jones in her bid for the GB team, Levi Hunt helps Rachael get the best out of an older horse & Alec Trickett works with eventer Chantal.
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