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Endurance National Champs' 100 mile race: Video Diary Part 1

Horse Hero's Fiona Price provides an unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes at the Endurance National Champs' 2011. This is a fascinating insight into the most gruelling of horse sports, racing 100 miles in a day, mostly in canter! Fiona and Endurance GB's Nikki Routledge meet one of the favourites, Tricia Hirst and her crew, the night before and follow her through the start of the competition the following day. Fiona talks to movers and shakers at the event and discovers tricks of the trade such as getting horses drink and wee on demand! Crewing tactics are vital and can radically influence the result. Find out how Trish and her team fare! (Part 1 of 4)

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Endurance National Champs' 100 mile race: Video Diary Part 2

Tricia is about to come into the 'vet-hold' at the end of the first loop. Fiona Price finds out what's going to happen from husband Dave and daughter Georgina (a vet!). Trish arrives in the lead, the horse is cooled and within a minute or so, her heart rate has dropped suffiicient to vet, which stops the clock. Nikki Routledge explains what is being examined and after a tense moment, it's a pass! 40 minutes of compulosry rest follow, where high tech' food and management prepare both horse and rider to set off again. A well-oiled family machine, who offer amazing insights into the care of an extreme equestrian athlete! Go Tricia, go! (Part 2 of 4)

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Endurance National Champs' 100 mile race: Video Diary Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 Fiona Price found out about the vettings at the end of each race loop, and what happens in the 'hold' area to help the horse recover before setting off again. Leader, Tricia Hirst, completes loop two and successfully passes the vet, but changes her tactics. While Tricia goes back on course, Fiona meets vet Marsha and learns about Azoturia which seems to be common in endurance. She also talks to two of the GB selectors who are on a "spying mission", as well as elite squad member David Yeoman. Tricia completes 100 km but gets the 'three card trick' from the vets. She must pass to stay in the race! (Part 3 of 4)

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Who won the Mongol Derby and how?!
(Editor’s note: If you are not familiar with the Mongol Derby, read Katy’s article, the 'Spirit of the Derby' first.) In August 2011, the third edition of the Mongol Derby, the world&rs ....
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Horse Behaviour - Created a monster? - 30/09/2013 14:19
Right... I think I've got it sorted so here is a quick update. The saddle is fine and his back is not sore at all. However, he has possible gastric and hind-gut ulcers. I say possible because he's n ....
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Showing - Beginner needing advice - 17/02/2014 23:13
Hi PooBear To show as a middleweight show hunter your horse should be able to carry up to 14 stone and should have about nine inches of bone (measured just below the knee) He should be elegant, well mannered and give a good ride.
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Horse Hero - Suggestion box! - 19/11/2008 17:29 - 08/06/2009 15:55
I was pleased to see that there are some videos on endurance now. I would like to suggest that you video the EGB Home International competition which takes place at Ludlow on 17-19th July 2009. The ....
8. Horse Hero Guru
04/04/2014 00:00:00
Lacklustre walk Question: I've have a 5 yr old 14.3 British riding pony bred for showing, but I'd like to do dressage with him. He is a very laid back chap although he's not lazy. He's very good ....


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