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Jason Webb demonstrates the principles of loading

Australian natural horseman Jason Webb uses Dotto to demonstrate how to load a horse. Starting with ground-work, Jason says "most problems occur from lack of trust and respect". He explains that a horse must know his boundaries, understand you are safest place to be and that's it's good to follow you. Jason shows how a horse should step forward to the lightest of poll pressure and be responsive to the whip but not afraid of it. "He must also stop on a circle, back away and turn his hind end on command" says Jason, who breaks the loading process down into bite-size chunks and offers tips to stop the horse running back down the ramp afterwards.

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Jason Webb bridles head-shy Bertie

Australian natural horseman Jason Webb, is a specialist with problem horses. Bertie is a 10 year old Hackney driving horse with severe head-shy issues, and has not been bridled over his ears. Jason says, "there is no quick fix with head-shy problems, patience and timing is everything!" Getting control of the feet and neck bend are prerequisites before trying to bridle Bertie. Jason moves slowly and waits for Bertie to co-operate by lowering his head. Having got the bridle over one ear, Bertie must put the other ear in himself! Jason explains what to do if he resists and throws his head up. The next challenge is to take the bridle off quietly!

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October '10 Highlights

There's a great mixture in October highlights, including the extraordinary young mare Woodlander Farouche training at home with Michalel Eilberg, then winning the champion young dressage horse title at the National Champs; we also filmed Michael riding the debut of his new Kur at the Nationals (the end of the series we have filmed on the making of this), we also see dressage team manager Richard Davison in the Kur where he finishes second to leading rider Laura Bechtolshimer, Italian Olympic eventer Vittoria Panizzon teaches the 4 year old Enzo how to jump a grid and Australian behaviourist Jason Webb shows us how to bridle a head shy horse!

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Jason Webb backs the three year old Lucky: Part 1

Australian natural horseman Jason Webb uses astute observations of horse behaviour to back the three year old Lucky. Bred for eventing, "Lucky has something about him" says Jason, who prepares to ride him for the third time. In the safety of the round pen, Jason familiarises Lucky with the saddle cloth and uses ground work training techniques to ensure he can move Lucky around, and that he can stand still in an open space on a precise spot! Once the saddle is on and lightly girthed, Jason lets Lucky get used to the feeling which he does with an athletic display! In part two, Lucky is long-lined and Jason leads him off another pony before mounting up.

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Jason Webb backs the three year old Lucky: Part 2

Having done ground work in the first video and saddled Lucky up, Jason now long reins in preparation for getting on. Aiming to make riding this sharp horse as safe as possible, Jason uses long reins to teach him basic steering and stopping with the bridle. He says, "if Lucky is nervous when ridden, I need to know he can be directed." The sequence of requests is also important, eg. voice then bit, and Lucky must go forwards into a stop as well as back up. Jason then rides another pony and leads Lucky to let him get used to seeing a person above his eye line, also to simulate riding by putting some weight in the saddle. Now Lucky is ready to ride!

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Jason Webb backs the three year old Lucky: Part 3

Having saddled up in the pen, worked Lucky in hand, long-reined and led him from another pony, Jason is ready to mount up for the third time, with a view to taking Lucky into the open arena for the very first time. Jason mounts in stages from both sides, whilst the lead pony remains to give Lucky confidence. He says "I expect the best and prepare for the worst!" Once on board, Jason allows Lucky to travel freely (which includes a little bucking). He then checks he can turn both ways with just one rein, stop and apply some leg to send Lucky forwards. The lead pony departs and Jason prepares for the inevitable moment of truth!

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November '10 Highlights

Two videos of Laura Bechtolsheimer are included in this selection, both following her medal successes at WEG 2010. Laura shares her amazing experience of the World Games with us plus we see a post-holiday training session with the great Alf! Australian natural horseman Jason Webb backs the potential event horse Lucky. His approach is unique and fascinating. We film Anna Ross Davies's story at the National Dressage Champs '10 and an array of top riders in the Advanced class at Highclere Horse Trials, who discuss the subject of sports psychology. Plus top dressage Michael Eilberg gives a masterly demo' of lunging a youngster!

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Jason Webb re-trains Angelo who bolts

Australian natural horseman Jason Webb has worked with rescue horse Angelo for a week. On the second day he bolted and jumped out of the arena with Jason. "Angelo has a trust issue, which isn't surprising after the way he has been treated", says Jason. "He panics and runs in fear when he's worried." Jason begins by teaching Angelo to steer without the use of a bridle. He also shows him a 'safe place' to go when things go wrong. Jason explains what signs to look for if Angelo is thinking of 'leaving'. When he finally picks up the reins, he uses only one to steer. This is an amazing and alternative insight into dealing with a scared & dangerous horse!

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Jason Webb works on Dee Dee's rearing problem

Dee Dee rears when put under pressure. Australian natural horseman Jason Webb sets about simulating Dee Dee's pressure threshold to try to re-create the behaviour and teach him a way out. Jason says "rearing is a horse and rider relationship issue and usually comes from heavy hands, or nervousness. The horse then becomes disrespectful and takes over." When Dee Dee eventually reacts, Jason sends him forwards into a figure of eight. "Bend is vital for controlling the problem" says Jason, who also explains what to do when a horse gets into a state of 'shut-down'. Vital tips for a range of behavioural issues!

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Fiona Price tries her hand at Polocrosse

Fiona is game for most things and polocrosse is no exception. Jason Webb, natural horsemanship trainer and Australian national team player shows Fiona the ropes. Riding Jason's 'old Doc', Fiona learns that dressage is part of Polocrosse which uses lateral work and pirouettes to 'mark up' the opponent. Jason shows Fiona how to hold a racket and steer, then instructs her to play a game of 'tag'. Fiona first has to get away from Jason, then mark him. Jason is forced to admit that he has no chance! Finally, he challenges Fiona to pick up a ball in canter within five minutes. Can she rise to the occasion and has she missed her real calling?

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Jason Webb trains the spooky young mare Kitty

Kitty is a spooky young mare that's newly backed. Australian natural horseman Jason Webb teaches her to go past a scary object by "facing up to her fears". Assessing her 'comfort line', Jason allows Kitty to run past the object in both directions to release her adrenalin, allowing her to stop and look if she wishes as she perceives the object differently with each eye. Jason says, "by letting her move, once she settles, she is more likely to proceed calmly at the next scary object if we were out hacking, rather than continuing to spook". Gradually Kitty's comfort line gets closer to the object and, in no time at all, she marches past it like a pro!

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December '10 Highlights

December's videos are a complete mix from classical dressage with bull-fighting origins (from the Portugal series) to horse massage, sports psychology during the advanced class at Highclere Horse Trials where we followed Alex Peternell through the event and interviewed others including Zara Phillips, choosing the right 'husband' for your mare (one of the Woodlander Stud videos), backing a three year old the Australian Natural Horsemanship way with Jason Webb and two very funny out takes pieces. Taste our latest content, then watch the full videos!

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Winter '10 Out Takes

Join in the fun behind the camera during Horse Hero filming. Laura and Dr Bechtolsheimer, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb and Horse Hero's Fiona Price are all featured. Fiona has an eternal problem folding that pesky lighting disc but Dr B puts her to shame and cracks it in one! Fiona also has a very unusual way of preparing to ride! We discover that Laura's medal winning partner Alf (Mistral Horjis) can't multi-task and Jason's newly backed mare doesn't respond to spooky objects, making it tricky to film a piece on how to deal with a horse that spooks!

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February '11 Highlights

Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer works with her trainer Dr B and youngster Joey, four star eventer Alex Peternell practises his cross country jumping technique with show jumps, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb trains a spooky young mare and a horse that rears, Horse Hero's Fiona Price lunges the three year old Buddy Holly over poles and behaviourist Sarah Fisher does body work on Buddy too. Lots of thought provoking and inspiring videos to give you ideas to try with your horse!

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March '11 Highlights

What a variety of videos in March! From Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer working on test preparation with a youngster, to horse behaviour! Working with 6 year old Teddy, Laura's father and trainer says, "training youngsters is like being a kindergarten teacher"! Meanwhile, Sarah Fisher teaches bolting pony Taz to stop, Jason Webb works on a loading problem and Laira Gold starts a three year old on long lines. There's also rider posture with performance coach Jon Pitts and eventer Flora Harris plus Norris has some remedial shoeing!

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January '11 Highlights

Excerpts from January's videos will give you a taste of what to watch in full! Laura Bechtolsheimer trains the young home-bred dressage horse Christian while eventer Flora Harris works with fitness coach Jon Pitts on pelvic balance. Woodlander Stud's Lynne Crowden explains which colts will make good stallions, Mike Eilberg works the young dressage mare Rochelle (bred by Lynne), Jason Webb shows us his unique method of training Angelo who bolts, and Horse Hero's Fiona Price tries her hand at the sport of Polocrosse. She also does a remedial lunging demonstation with her own eventer Norris. Lots to entertain and inform you!

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Jason Webb starts the 3 year old dressage mare Fly: Part 1

Australian horseman Jason Webb prepares the 3 year old dressage mare Fly for her second ride. Jason takes us through the process Fly has been working on for a week. The first step is 'catching'. "This is where the horse comes to you" says Jason. "It's a way of getting the horse to focus on you and not run away, which is important when riding" he adds. The next step is desensitisng, in hand and when tied up, so the mare can tolerate frights and step forwards rather than running back. Jason also prepares Fly to see him from above her eyeline, as this will be new for her when he climbs on board. (Jason concludes the process in Part 2.)

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Jason Webb teaches dangerous Angelo to have his hind legs handled

The 8 year old arab Angelo is dangerous to handle around his hind legs. Australian horseman Jason Webb works with Angelo for the second day, de-sensitising him with a soft 'woggle' down his neck, his torso and hind quarters. Jason then drops a looped rope around Angelo's quarters to the ground and asks him to step back into it. Using a long loop around his fetlock, Jason teaches Angelo it's safe to be held. He then asks Angelo to lift his leg and hold it off the floor. Angelo is unsure initially and moves around. Gradually, he is able to stand still. Jason explains this work would eventually lead to safely holding Angelo's leg himself.

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Jason Webb starts the 3 year old dressage mare Fly: Part 2

Now that Fly is quiet and calm after ground work exercises (Part 1), Jason teaches her to steer, turn and stop using long-lines. When turning, Fly must step under with the hind end to create a fluid, soft movement. Jason ups the pressure to check he still has controls, before getting on. "Fly must learn I am the one who will help her out if things get scary" he says. Having put all the building blocks in place for a successful ride, Jason shows his mounting process which "is like landing a plane". With the help of someone on the ground for the controls, Jason repeats what Fly has learned on long lines. He says "I am a passenger for now".

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November '12 Highlights

Horse behaviour, dressage and jumping feature in this selection of video excerpts. Behaviourist Jason Webb continues the starting process with the classy dressage mare Fly in preparation for riding her, while Grand Prix dressage rider Hannah Biggs progresses her talented youngster Archie under saddle. Olympian Vicki Thompson-Winfield starts baby lateral work with the stallion Exquisite and show jumping trainer Ernest Dillon introduces Coco to fillers. Plus leading Irish eventer Aoife Clarke (7th London 2012) works on straightness in jumping. Great training insights, especially if you are working with young horses!

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