Will Turnbull rides future competition horse Pip for the first time

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3 yr old Pip has begun lunging and Will Turnbull has mounted up in the stable, a process he aims to repeat outside in this session and 'walk away'. Will says "you never know from one second to the next what a young horse is going to do, so your lunging position is important and also remember that when you change the rein, everything is completely different". Will emphasises the importance of breaking things down to keep the horse's confidence and sensing the right time to ask something new. So he chooses his moment to mount up and Ginny leads the pair a few steps at a time, in both directions. Will comes off the lead rein and introduces Pip to a little leg and rein.


LucyL 22 May 2016 Really fantastic, thank you! Would love to see more of the progress with this horse.
pwiley 16 Jan 2016 Lovely horse and great training!
dm 14 Jan 2016 A great start for this one, well done!

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