Will Turnbull introduces 3 yr old Annie to the school

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Young horse specialist Will Turnbull trots 3 yr old Annie for the first time when mounted, in the round pen. After being led around at walk, he comes off the lead-rein and asks Annie for a 'dribble trot', ie. just a few steps to introduce the feeling. "It's about asking a question at the right moment" he says. Once Annie is happy, Will asks her to trot continuously. "It's important to keep your hands still and low on a youngster, as seeing something moving behind them is scary" he adds. Will trots on both reins before moving into the school, where the aim is to keep Annie to the outside. "She can look at things that spook her but she must go past them" he adds.


Zaartje 12 Feb 2016 Well done!
Robert R. 6 Feb 2016 Very nice to see the progress. Really intereting. Thanks Will
Rosieone 6 Feb 2016 Very interesting the way Will breaks everything down methodically making it much easier to observe what he is doing as well as making it appear easier for Annie. Thank you.
Gladys16 6 Feb 2016 Nice horse.

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