Willa Newton works on suppleness in the warm-up with older 4* eventer Chip

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GB Junior and Young Rider eventing gold medallist Willa Newton warms up 16 yr old Chip, her 4* star horse who is stepping down from top level competition. "His daily work is about stretching and suppling" says Willa. "I do not do too much work as I save him for competitions." As Chip tends to suck back in the contact, Willa encourages him to take the rein down, especially in the stretching. "I think about riding to the contact" she says. The focus in the warm-up is on rhythm, relaxation, suppleness and contact. "Working long and low in the canter improves the trot" adds Willa and counter-canter with counter-flexion improves straightness. (A second video follows with Advanced dressage work.)


Jac 9 Mar 2017 Agree with Miata - a very good lesson to watch and listen to!
Miata 25 Feb 2017 Loved your commentary, Willa. It was very informative and easy to understand. I look forward to your second video.

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