Willa Newton trains advanced moves with older 4* eventer Chip

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Following the warm-up in a previous video, GB Junior and Young Rider eventing gold medallist Willa Newton trains advanced moves with 16 yr old Chip, her 4* star horse. When picking Chip up into a test outline, Willa says "the hind leg must step under more and I must sit deeper into the saddle". Small circles help to engage the hind leg but ensure Chip maintains self-carriage. In order to gradually increase the 'uphill' work, Willa uses half-pass, ensuring she has bend through the corner before flexing the body and moving across. "My body must travel across the arena with the horse's movement" she explains. She then asks Chip on and back in the canter on a circle to set him up for correct flying changes.


Miata 30 Mar 2017 Great video - thank you, Willa. I really appreciate your clear and informative commentary.

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