Peggy Cummings uses body posture to teach problem horse Spring to soften

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American posture coach Peggy Cummings works with 12 yr old Spring, a competition horse who has had a chequered past and has been 'bridle' lame. Peggy says "before getting on I always do groundwork to release the head and neck and, as I don't know Spring, I want to find out what her bracing patterns are." Once Peggy is board, Spring retracts her head and neck so Peggy uses a number of techniques to help her release them, reach into the bridle and soften her back. They include working on an arc, rotating her upper body and combing the reins. Peggy then works to switch the power on in the hind quarters which has been shut down. "Being soft in your body and moving your bones allows the horse do the same" she adds.


katherine 11 Feb 2017 Peggy is indeed masterful. She has a tremendous talent for observing and using all the information a horse tells her. How happy Spring looks now she knows that Peggy is listening to her and helping her to unlock her potential.
Marigold Farms 11 Feb 2017 Masterful!

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