Anna Ross Davies works on the basics with Boris

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Boris is an talented ten year old working at small tour level. But he came to Anna as a nervous horse and still lacks confidence. Anna's aim is to keep him relaxed and have fun. The plan is to build his strength and gymnastic ability by working on the basics, so in this session Anna tests Boris's reactions in lots of different ways. While focused on connection and taking the hand forwards (as he easily drops behind the bit), Anna uses flexion, bend and changes in tempo in both trot and canter to ensure Boris is with her. Starting in a long frame 'with a bit of stretch', Anna progresses to a more grown up outline in preparation for training advanced moves.


chrisham12345 13 Nov 2011 Anna Ross Davies is such a babe.
Annette27 5 Apr 2010 Great video really clear and easy to understand! Thanks!
qwerty2 28 Sep 2009 Anna explanations are so clear. I really enjoyed this video...thanks Fiona.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 24 Sep 2009 It's on our list at some point. Dr B has also referred to this is his long reining video.
JowAngel 24 Sep 2009 Great video! Anna is very inspiring to me. If possible, I'd LOVE to see a video of what she does with Boris in-hand to work on the piaffe.

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