Tai Chi to improve your dressage!

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This video has the power to transform your riding! American Tai Chi expert James Shaw offers insights that will trigger some 'light bulb' moments. Working with Grand Prix dressage rider Hannah Biggs and her stallion Weltzin, James explains the root causes of tension and a system for riding effortlessly. He shows Hannah how her breathing controls rhythm and timing and how she can use her seat bones as weight aids. James says "by lowering your centre of gravity, you set the horse up for collection". His main aim is to use the horse's force and shape it, not block it, or use leverage against it. Hannah and Weltzin change before our very eyes. Amazing!


doc 8 Oct 2011 Excellent, as I practice Tai Chi, I found it most inspiring!
Ad Hoc 7 Mar 2011 No wonder this video has several pages with comments - it is truly inspiring!
hanoverider 25 Feb 2011 I love it!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 17 Aug 2010 Watch the Feldenkrais video in the body work section of Training in the Library.
TracyM 17 Aug 2010 I loved this video because it focuses on very subtle but precise movements of the body. I would enjoy seeing a video that looks a bit more specifically at how the aids are differentiated to the horse. I am just getting back into dressage and sometimes get confused as to the differences between lets say setting up for shoulder in and prompting canter take off. I realize to veteran riders these are very distinguishable, but to novices not so easily. Can such a video be made?

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