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To watch Horse Hero videos in full, you will need to be a subscriber. The exceptions are the 'monthly highlights' videos and video trailers which are free to view. To receive email notifications of new videos posted, login and go to 'My details' where you can tick the categories you are interested in. Horse Hero videos are educational, inspiring and entertaining; they are filmed with top riders from a wide range of disciplines. You can also posts comments on videos which is unprecedented opportunity to get into dialogue the video celebs'. (Please note, the riders and other equestrian we film with are notified of your comments, so please post only what you are happy for them to read and respond to!) Horse Hero users tell us their riding and horsemanship improves dramatically from watching our videos!

  • Rider training for all disciplines
  • Training for all disciplines
  • Training with top riders at home and at squad sessions, plus ground work and horse behaviour. Privileged access and unique insights!
  • Horse Shows & Events
  • Shows & Events
  • Wonderful footage of riders and their horses at shows and events, across a range of disciplines. These videos provide a unique insight into those at the top of their game.
  • Challenge Fiona!
  • Horse Hero's founder Fiona Price likes to have a go at the horse sports she has filmed. You will be entertained by her riding challenges and have access to her training!
  • Equestrian Grooming, Trimming & Turnout
  • Grooming, Trimming & Turnout
  • From plaiting to clipping we've got it all covered and more. Your horse really will be looking his best once you've put these tips into practice!
  • Stable, Yard Management & Tours
  • Stable, Yard Management & Tours
  • An array of how-to videos including mucking out techniques plus yard tours of some of the UK's most spectacular yards. You'll be amazed!
  • Equestrian Competition & Performance Tips
  • Competition & Performance Tips
  • Advice and tips on caring for your horse at a competition, including icing legs after fast work, dealing with nerves and choosing and using studs.
  • Equestrian Interviews
  • Celebrity Interviews & Horse Heroes
  • Unique insights into the lives of top riders (their training methods, horse wisdom and challenges). Plus we meet some of our favourite Horse Heroes!
  • Horse Health & Well-Being
  • Health & Well-Being
  • How you assess your horse's health and tips on maintaining it, including first aid. Plus feeding advice from top riders and other leading equestrian experts.
  • Buying & Breeding Horses
  • Buying & Breeding
  • Buying and breeding horses can be tricky. We offer help and advice on conformation, measuring height, assessing your mare for breeding and tips on foal handling.
  • Horse Tack & Equipment
  • Tack & Equipment
  • How do you fit a double bridle, what bit do you use, how do you bandage for exercise, how tight should a martingale be? We answer these questions and more.
  • Equestrian Travel & Transport
  • Travel & Transport
  • Want to find out how to reverse a trailer, pack and load a lorry or what your horse should wear to travel? It's all here, plus tours of top riders' mega lorries - serious wow!
  • Horse Hero Highlights & Out Takes
  • Highlights & Out Takes
  • Free monthly video highlights to give you a glimpse of our filming and guide you to the videos you'd like to watch in full. Plus hilarious out takes!


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