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  • Kelly Marks is one of the pre-eminent horse behaviourists in the UK and works closely with Monty Roberts. In this simple exercise, she shows us how to teach your horse to stand still, a technique she calls 'ground tying' and very handy it is indeed! Her horse Pie (the star of her books) is the guinea pig in this video. In the end, repetition wins out over the tempting apple tree!
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  • Horse behaviourist, Kelly Marks, shows us how to train a horse to lower its head - an invaluable trick which makes it easier to pull or plait a forelock, check eyes and ears, or simply put a bridle on. She also demonstrates a more natural method to reward your horse than a good old pat!
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  • Kelly Marks provides a refreshing perspective on horsemanship. Starting her career as a show-jumper, she later became a jockey and was successful in both fields. But a chance meeting with Monty Roberts changed everything and her aim now is about creating a better life for horses and their owners. Kelly talks about 'perfect manners' (which she sees as a two-way street) and how mimicking a horse's natural behaviour is the easy way to get the best out of them! She is interviewed by Fiona Price, September '08.
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  • Barney has become too dangerous to ride, namely spooking, spinning and bolting. Behaviourist Sarah Fisher has taken him in a last ditch attempt to solve his problems. She identifies his 'cold patches' and explains how she is working with postural issues to help to restore his self confidence and self control. Using a variety of unusual equipment including body wraps and a 'wand', Sarah shows us a series of ground exercises that enable her to identify the smallest reactions thus avoiding panic situations! Sarah long reins Barney through an array of obstacles and he copes really well, in spite of the weather! An amazing video full of unique insights.


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