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  • This isn’t any ordinary grooming demo’ or any ordinary horse! Laura Bechtolsheimer and her competition groom Carole Levitt demonstrate the Bechtolsheimer method of grooming on her team ride, Mistral Hojris. For those that haven’t experienced the time-honoured tradition of ‘banging’ (otherwise known as ‘strapping’), this video is a must! Presented by Laura and Carole at Laura’s Gloucestershire yard.
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  • Standing in front of her magnificent lorry (more like a ‘mobile palace’ than a horsebox), Laura shows us what equipment she packs and takes to competitions and demonstrates loading with her 6-year-old gelding Dan, who is in a playful mode. Some good tips here. As we publish this video Laura is, no doubt, packing up for the Olympics! Presented by Laura Bechtolsheimer and her groom Carole Levitt at Laura’s Gloucestershire yard.
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  • Laura is one of the stars of the moment. She was the youngest rider to win the National Dressage Championships and the youngest person to represent Great Britain in dressage. Laura talks about the moment she entered the arena at Olympia 2007 to record the highest British score in a Grand Prix and discusses her techniques for total focus during a competition. Now, she's en route for the Beijing Olympics! She talks to Fiona Price February '08.
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  • This interview shows the Bechtolsheimers as an exceptional family unit and competition machine. Mrs B describes the moment she knew Laura had what it took to get to the Olympics and her progression through the ranks. Laura is trained by her father, who himself rode at top level. Given the intensity of the relationship, it’s refreshing to hear that they remain the best of friends. The Bechtolsheimer family talk to Fiona Price, February '08.


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