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"My horses and I have improved 10 x fold as a result of your amazing training videos. Keep up the good work!" Kirsty Henderson
"I have just re-subscribed to Horse Hero for another year! I have learned so much from this site.. Just love it." Karen de Scossa.

"Thank you for all the joy you bring into my life - thank you for sharing in your videos and news letters and for bringing the equestrian world into my home. I have learnt so much and look forward to so much more!" Liz Rees

"My only problem with Horse Hero, is trying to fit my work in around the urge to jump online and watch Dr & Laura Bechtolsheimer… what a dream team!" Lucy Marshall

"Thank you for Horse Hero! I'm a total fanatic... I can have a lesson everyday!" Lucy Marshall

"I love Horse Hero, it's like having a backstage pass to so many of the leading riders, even for someone like me located in the US." Kari Browne

"I have only recently discovered your web site and I am TOTALLY ADDICTED! It is absolutely fantastic! Thank-you for creating such a wonderful site, I have learned so much from watching the videos and enjoy it so much!" Julie Killick

"I am an American but have been rooting for the Brits at the Olympics, since everything I have learned, I have learned through Horse Hero and the wonderful British and foreign riders who contribute their talents to the site!" Heidi Hoffman

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